• Crop management. Seeding: conventional/direct/minimum till.
  • Crop rotation and land management.
  • Crop treatments.


  • Breeding – winter herd managent and cattle feeding.
  • Grazing, supplements and feed lot feeding.
  • Vaccination plans.
  • Herd management.

Other Services

  • Forest management.
  • Olive farms development.
  • Irrigation projects.
  • Feasibility analisis.
  • Economic and financial analisis.
  • Projects management.


Agricultural Activity

  • We provide all the economic and financial services related to both agricultural and cattle businesses.
  • Accounting and Reporting.
  • Compensation and salary administration.
  • Contract management.
  • Budgeting and budget administration.
  • Output marketing.
  • Documentation required by DICOSE.

Business Analisis

  • Real Estate buy/sell councelling and assistance.
  • Soil analisis.
  • Project analisis.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Legal advise on property titles.


  • Farm auditing.
  • Farm development follow up and reporting.
  • Project deviation analisis. Production improvement proposals.
  • Production output auditing. Cattle weight improvement.
  • Inspections and verifications of the complete farming production cycle such as seeding, cultivation, spraying and harvesting.
  • Inspections and verifications of the various phases of the cattle activity. Cattle management, vaccination, weigthing and herding.


  • We can organize and coordinate comprehensive travel plans for those potential investors interested in visiting Uruguay.
  • We can help those customers who decide to establish legal residence or obtaining citizenship in Uruguay assisting them to obtain the required documentation with our specialized personnel.
  • Private health plan options and councelling.
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